Mixed Recycling Heavy-Duty Label 11"x17"

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Mixed recycling is becoming one of the most common sorting requirements across the country. This form of sorting allows all major materials to be collected together: paper, cardboard, glass, cans, tin and plastic bottles & jugs.

Definition of the Term: The term "Mixed Recycling" was chosen because the national general public readily understands what Mixed Recycling is implying. Where as other terms which might be used in certain communities such as; Single Sort, Single Stream, Co-Mingled, are not as easily understood throughout society as a whole.

This is a heavy-duty label* with a high-tack adhesive and an added UV laminate, suitable for extreme weather conditions.

*Disclaimer: If you are labeling a powder-coated bin (similar to a BearSaver or other outdoor/wildlife-proof containers), please contact us at info@recycleacrossamerica.org to place an order for custom heavy-duty adhesive labels specifically for use on powder-coated surfaces.


Please allow 7 days for delivery. These labels adhere to polycarbonate, polyesters, polyethylenes, polypropylenes and most other clean and dry surfaces. They are created specifically to withstand custodial and industrial use. Important: If you have Toter brand bins, labels do not adhere well to their bins. From the Toter manager of product development "Our carts have a textured surface and are made of polyethylene, which has a low surface energy. So most adhesive will not stick to them."
Ten cents per label purchased will go toward donating standardized labels to K-12 public schools across the nation.

Mixed Recycling Heavy-Duty Label 11"x17"

Unit Cost: