Aluminum, Steel, and Tin Recycling Heavy-Duty Label 4"x9"

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For some organizations and households, Aluminum, Steel and Tin Cans can be collected together.

This is a heavy-duty label* with a high-tack adhesive and an added UV laminate, suitable for extreme weather conditions.

*Disclaimer: If you are labeling a powder-coated bin (similar to a BearSaver or other outdoor/wildlife-proof containers), please contact us at to place an order for custom heavy-duty adhesive labels specifically for use on powder-coated surfaces.



Please allow 7 days for delivery. These labels adhere to polycarbonate, polyesters, polyethylenes, polypropylenes and most other clean and dry surfaces. They are created specifically to withstand custodial and industrial use. Important: If you have Toter brand bins, labels do not adhere well to their bins. From the Toter manager of product development "Our carts have a textured surface and are made of polyethylene, which has a low surface energy. So most adhesive will not stick to them."
Ten cents per label purchased will go toward donating standardized labels to K-12 public schools across the nation.

Aluminum, Steel, and Tin Recycling Heavy-Duty Label 4"x9"

Unit Cost: